Welcome to Lifepass!

July 10, 2009

Every experience more personal.  

A simple phrase that has drawn together a world class group of people to change the world.  People who believe that the new world will:

  • Respond and react to who we truly are as individuals – not what we  buy, what we search for, what zip code we live in, or what forms we fill out. 
  • Enable us to experience more of what we want – and less of what we don’t. 
  • Allow us to reduce the noise of overwhelming information making it simple, accessible, and actionable.
  • Move our information and data beyond the corporate firewall to follow us from business to business
  • Truly respect our privacy

Follow the lifepass blog where our team of employees, advisors, and special guests will discuss consumer privacy, personalization, recommenders, marketing effectiveness, advertising, neural networking, data intelligence, data portability, immersive interfaces, and more.  
Welcome to Lifepass!
David Boardman